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Office for Research

The Office for Research at Idaho State University fosters and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with federal, state and corporate sponsors.
We provide high quality and timely service to our faculty and staff while maintaining balance between the interests of ISU, the State of Idaho, and the interests of industry for the public good.

Our scope encompasses several functional areas that handle different parts of the research process. We provide guidance, service and support for a variety of research areas including- energy and environmental applications, healthcare, biomedical, geosciences, data assurance.  We also provide access to research facilities through our Research Centers and Institutes.

Research Support, Business & Industry Partnerships

Research Funding - the Sponsored Programs and Support team assists faculty and staff as they develop proposals for external funding for sponsored research, scholarly and community service projects and post-award assistance.

Research Outreach and Compliance - We are Animal Use and IACUC, Human Subjects and IRB; Biosafety, Responsible Conduct of Research; Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Projects; Export Control - from vendor clearance to travel "out of country".  We also coordinate STEM Diversity and Outreach, the CITI training program, the use of controlled substances in research and Undergraduate Research. The Research Outreach and Compliance team is available for assistance.

Innovation & Collaboration - ISU's talented researchers and students push the boundaries of innovation independently and collaboratively with private-sector partners.  To promote scientific developments and develop partnerships the Technology Commercialization office is available to support these endeavors.



Report on Incident #53011

Idaho State University acknowledges receiving a fine from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission regarding an inventory discrepancy that occurred in 2003.

About 15 years ago, a small radioactive source was taken out of service at ISU with intentions of disposal due to questions with its integrity. University staff at that time only partially completed paperwork connected with the disposal action. During an inventory check last year, ISU staff identified a discrepancy between ISU records and federal records. This was immediately reported to the NRC, and procedures to prevent similar future occurrences were established. Unfortunately, because there was a lack of sufficient historical records to demonstrate the disposal pathway employed in 2003, the source in question had to be listed as missing.

Enhancements to ISU's inventory system and other administrative initiatives were immediately put into place to prevent this type of discrepancy in the future. University and regulatory officials have responded in an appropriate and responsible fashion. The radioactive source in question poses no direct health issue or risk to public safety.

The radioactive sources in question are known as Nuclear Accident Dosimeter (NAD) sources. In their original application, they would provide information about critical accidents if they occurred. When ISU received them, they were originally used in research to develop ways to investigate waste packages as part of the Idaho Cleanup Project. Later, after 9/11, they were used in research to develop methods to accomplish contraband detection that is important to border security. The sources contain very small trace quantities of radioactive material and have very limited applications.

Since this research is no longer being conducted at ISU, the group of sources previously used in the research is either being returned to the Department of Energy, or in some cases, ISU is collaborating with the DOE to dispose of them in an appropriate fashion.


NRC's May 4, 2018 News Release : NRC May 4, 2018 News Release

ISU Report to NRC, *Appendices with personal information have been removed: ISU Report to NRC, Incident 53011

NRC's Enforcement Action Letter: NRC Notice of Violation and Proposed Civil Penalty




One Minute With a Researcher

The Office for Research is proud to present our YouTube series   where researchers across campus provide insight into their areas of study.


Research in the News:

ISU College of Pharmacy's Jared Barrott researching cancer drugs to treat rare tumors in children and teenagers

After more than eight years of research training and educations, Idaho State University College of Pharmacy's Jarod Barrott is ready to begin work studying an anti-cancer drug in a new setting, in the hopes that it will treat children with advanced bone and muscle cancers.

Barrott is an assistant professor in the ISU Dept. of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  In addition to teaching in both the Graduate School and College of Pharmacy, he conducts research in cancer pharmacology, using genetically engineered mice to form rare soft-tissue sarcomas that are then treated with anti-cancer drugs to test for safety and efficacy.

Read more


INBRE program at ISU gives taste of biomedical research to budding researchers

Undergraduate students have been paired with their mentors to begin an intensive summer working full-time as biomedical researchers at Idaho State University as part of the Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Summer Fellowship program.

"They are expected to work full-time and they are expected to essentially be graduate students during the 10-week period," said Mark Austin, ISU INBRE program director and professor of biological sciences.  "They may be working late hours or on weekends. Whatever the research or experiments dictate, those are the expectations."

There are 13 ISU undergraduates from throughout the state and one from Brigham Young University-Idaho participating in the program this summer.            

Read more

Procurement Changes for Those Spending Federal Funds Effective July 1, 2018

Uniform Guidance CFR Chapter II Part 200 Procurement Standards will be effective July 1, 2018. Uniform Guidance governs the requirements and procedures for spending Federal funds. We strongly encourage all individuals spending Federal funds to visit the ISU Purchasing website // for detailed information of the changes and a link to the Uniform Guidance text.




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